Increase security in your establishment with the help of a commercial locksmith. Read these tips to learn more!

Find out about the wide selection of products for all types of locks and keys for your home, car and commercial establishment. Learn about the advantages of using a keyless entry system in your home with the following tips. Also, find out more about the latest products for home security.

Making your car locks kid friendly

When you are traveling with an active toddler, there is a chance that they might try to get out of the running vehicle. To prevent this from happening, our skilled locksmith professionals will advise you to take advantage of child proof car safety locks that are driver activated. This can help you drive safely without the fear of something bad that may happened to your child accompanying you for the long ride.

Keeping your kitchen door locks safe

Kitchen is one of the most hazardous places inside your house, so you need to make sure that it is safe for your family. Sometimes kids also play in the kitchen – run around, crawl and try to open the cabinets. Our locksmith professionals advise customers to install unreachable locks in the kitchen. This way you can have a safe cooking environment without any potential hazards to your children.

Don’t force the transponder key into the car ignition, if it’s blocked

By doing so, you only risk breaking the key blade and making the situation worse. The solution to this problem depends on its cause. It’s not uncommon for the ignition to be blocked because of lint stuck inside. With proper repair and cleaning, it will be just like new. If it’s broken, it should be replaced.

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