What Is The Safest Type of Lock?

What Is The Safest Type of Lock?

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Security and safety is something that interests everyone out there

Regardless of what it is that you want to protect (be it important documents, your entire house or simply your car), you definitely want to be as certain as possible that no malevolent people can enter your house, office building or car without any kind of approval from your behalf.What Is The Safest Type of Lock?

Thankfully, technology is very much on our side when it comes to safety and security – and as of lately, more and more people have decided to upgrade their locks to the safest ones out there. What exactly are the safest types of locks available at the moment? Read on and find out more.

* Electronic locks are generally considered to be very safe. However, out of all the types of electronic locks, the ones using biometrics recognition (fingerprint recognition or face recognition) are the safest ones. In the end, someone can steal a card or a key and someone can break a code, but stealing someone’s fingerprints is close to impossible.

* If you consider an electronic lock to be over your budget or if you are simply not attracted by the idea, you should know that there are more traditional options available that are extremely safe too. Deadbolt locks are among these safe options and they are very popular out there. Basically, these locks are activated by key on the outside and by the use of a doorknob on the inside (and some are activated by key on the inside too).  The bolt is considered to be “dead” precisely because it has to be manually moved in and out in order to be activated and to be able to open the door.

* One of the major weaknesses related to deadbolt locks is related to the fact that a burglar can split the door from the jamb or strike plate, by this entering the home or office building. However, this issue can be fairly easily solved by the installation of a surface-mounted or vertical deadbolt, which will resist the mechanical action of the potential intruders.

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